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TRPLE S offers you variety of services.

  • Focus in buy and sell lands, segregate, erect the required facilities, investment and also support landowners whoever is unable to invest.
  • Triple S Real Estate Takes over small projects of Building Constructions and Housing Units for the landowners and executes, does maintenance and Renovations.
  • Implementation of residential buildings, administrative services and commercial buildings.
  • Demolition, excavation, deportation and backfilling contracting.
  • Dismantling and Erection of tower cranes and metal bridges by experienced work team in order to carry out the required standers of safety.
  • Waste management: Segregate, manage and pick up the recycling materials of construction and industrial waste like (steels, woods, Plastic. Oils, grease and demolition waste ….).
  • With the support of (LEAD) team In order to achieve the prefect standard of the environment and health as per requirements, general trading, imports, wholesale, retail, scrap, Damaged / idle unproductive equipments, machinery and vehicles.
  • Rental power equipments, such as small handled tools to large earthmovers like compressors, excavators, lifts, telescopic lifts, Loaders, cranes and tower light … etc. Provided in conformance with internationally accepted standards of safety.
  • Through specialized companies, SSS Trading and Contracting Company offer a range of professional services in building, constructions and specialize in providing highly technical and maintenance services for industrial sector.