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House of your Dreams:

  • When it comes to having a comfortable environment inside your home, you often think first about controlling the climate, light and aesthetics around you. After finishing the External works, it is time to build your own home from inside. It is time for the basic task to select all elements of design that go into your home, paint, trims. Selection and installation of doors and windows, Selection of floors, paint and wallpaper combinations Windows and entrance ways Upholstery Baths, showers, lavatories.

Perfect price and delivery:

  • Triple S company is involved then as a leading company in the field of complementary works and interior designs as a leader in the field of interior finishes, often need to work with materials specified by specifications. Since the perfect price and delivery on time are not the only things you need. Good recommendations are also important in terms of saving time and money. For example, our specialists will help you estimate the assembly methods precisely. So that you do not face any distasteful surprises, Triple S can immediately provide what you need from its extensive stock of basic foundation materials to avoid possible price overruns. And the scarcity of certain materials from the market. Triple S is committed to providing the total requirements of the contract terms as soon as the contracts of operation with the customers are signed. They are stored in their warehouses to be available for operations at any time, thus saving a great deal of time and effort.

Services and advice:

  • If any of the design, decorations and color schemes are confusing, do not worry the team of our decorative engineers will be with you every step of the way.

From beginning to end:

  • Our tasks in this field start from the work of the plaster and the conch. Carpentry work and the prevention of colors to conform to the designs of floors and walls. Construction works for electricity and is the most accurate and professional distribution of electric loads with our best electrical engineers. Founding works for plumbing and drainage. The works of cornices and ceilings are suspended by customer choice and advice from our design and decoration team. Painting, accessories and wallpaper installations. Flooring & Wall Fittings (Tiles, Ceramic, Marble, Porcelain). Finishing works of plumbing and sanitary equipment and accessories.

Electricity and Lighting:

  • Finishing works of electricity and lighting and choosing lighting decorations that fits the normal walls and other interior designs, many of these works may take three months to four months to be ready, so we are eager to comply with the terms of the contract. We request materials early in the process as soon as you design your house and set a precise schedule for the business so that we can fulfill our commitment with the client in terms of time, efficiency and professionalism.

Installation of Interior Parts:

  • The installation of these interior design parts is very easy with the help of highly experienced and professional technical staff, and many of the internal elements that have been waiting for months and months that only takes days to install. This is to intensify the work force to accomplish the tasks in the required time and form.